Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello All!

What a winter we've had! Great weather for cozying in and reading!

We have begun to rearrange the books and emptying our Juniors' room to make ready for renovation. Needless to say things are a bit more cramped than before, but we are hoping to keep all areas of our collection available for check-out throughout the construction. If you can't locate the books you are looking for, please ask and we'll be happy to direct you to the new temporary location.

We are sorry to say goodbye to a retiring Library Board member, Judith Thompson. Mrs. Thompson has served on our Board for many years, and we are extremely thankful for all her hard work and dedication. She will continue as a patron here, but we will still miss her at Board meetings.

We are happy to welcome Jane Hill to our Board, who will be fulfilling Mrs. Thompson's tenure. Many of you may be familiar with Mrs. Hill already, as she works part-time at Town Hall. We all love Jane's energy, enthusiasm, and cheerful nature. We are blessed to have such wonderful, caring Board members who always put the needs and concerns of our patrons and our library first.

I am proud to let you all know that I have finally found a provider for reasonably priced large print books. We have many patrons who appreciate the larger type, and we are happy to be able to meet the needs of these patrons with new release books as well as old favorites. Be sure to check them out yourself!

Plans are underway for our Summer Reading Program, which will be themed "Make A Splash- Read!" If any of you have ideas for a program meeting, feel free to let me know. Typically, we read a story aloud to the group, sing silly songs, host a presenter who chats with the kids about a pertinent subject, and sometimes we even have craft sessions before dismissal. Volunteers are welcome to join in and help with all activities.

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009 Update

Hi everyone!

Things have been pretty quiet around here since my last blog entry. Until recently, that is. I am updating this blog from the Alabama Public Library Service complex in Montgomery, not our own sweet library. I have been at an administrators' conference this week and learning lots of new things, and meeting new people. I now have faces to go with the voices of people I have worked with over the phone. And who doesn't need new friends?!

Our library is in for some major changes behind the scene in the upcoming months--changes which will offer you, our patrons and friends, more and better services, and a better visit at your library. We will be setting up new patron use computers, and we have new antivirus/filtering software for your protection. The new units will offer faster, more reliable service, and we will continue to add units as we have funding to do so.
I am thrilled that one new service we will soon have ready is the opportunity for families and friends of military service people to teleconference with their loved ones at our library. Nothing takes the place of seeing the face of a loved one while you talk to them, and now we have the equipment available to do just that! Please feel free to ask us about this new service and we'll be happy to fill you in and help you make that special connection soon.
We will be hosting an Open House in October, so keep an eye out for further information on our blog, or check out our webpage at Everyone is welcome to come meet the staff, our Board, local dignitaries, and to browse our selection, apply for a patron card, join our Friends of the Library group, and to give us feedback on our facilities and services. We will be polling guests as to services you would like to see developed such as book clubs or computer classes you'd like to request, and so on. You don't have to wait for open house to contact us, though. Drop me an email anytime at Or stop by and chat anytime we are open. We love to hear from our patrons and friends!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's finally Friday!

The new roof is now finished and it looks great! Our roof fell victim to storm damage in the spring, and a qualified roofer has finallly found time in their schedule to fix the golf-ball size holes. Roofers also put up new fascia boards and soffits, and boy, does it look so much better!
I hope that the beauty of the new roof inspires further updates around the building, inside and out.

New in the library next week will be the entire DVD series by Janette Oke, Love Comes Softly. There are seven DVDs in all, the most recent release is dated 2009. Our patrons have been asking for this very popular series on DVD, and the books continue to circulate well too. We are glad to find a bargain on this set so that we can offer it to our patrons without breaking our budget. We love bargains around here, as you might imagine. Other new DVDs in cataloging are Bride Wars, Derby Dads, Gran Torino, and Material Girls. I'm trying to find bargains on other titles, so if you find one, email me and let me know.

Also next week, barring complications, the onsite tech guru (that's me) will be installing the new patron use computers that will be replacing our oldest units. These old units have served us well, but they are about to wheeze their last wheeze. The new units will offer MS Vista OS instead of XP, and they have much more memory and will process faster too. I will install Office 2007 instead of Office 2000, so our patrons can use the most updated programming at our disposal.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome Friends!

Falkville Public Library now has a blog! Yea!

I hope to post new developments, listen to your suggestions or requests, and just generally keep the information flowing between your library and you!

Let us hear from you anytime, on any subject. (Keep it clean please, this is a family-friendly endeavor.)

August 18, 2009
New today: the Library Board held a meeting to discuss recent events including our Summer Reading Program (which was a great success,) our new computers we bought, software programming, and so on. Also announced was an offer to all Board members to attend an administrative conference in Montgomery on Sept 14, 15, and 16. Sessions there will be educational for library administrators and Board members so that we can better serve our patrons. We set the date for Open House for October 6 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Everyone is invited! Refreshments will be served, and you never know who'll be there. Spread the word, the more the merrier!